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Meditation & the work place

Big businesses are smart. They’ve read the studies. They understand that time spent meditating means balanced workers who get things done. And they get that putting the mental health of their workers first increases both creativity and focus.

The Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

There are loads of benefits of meditation backed by scientific research.

But what are the specific benefits that companies report? 

Here is some of the research Golbie Kamarei reported, related to the impact of meditation in the workplace, as told to Berkeley Greater Good:

    • 91 percent reported it positively impacted the culture

    • 88 percent would recommend it to a coworker

    • 66 percent said they felt less stress or had improved stress-management capabilities

    • 63 percent are better able manage themselves at work

    • 60 percent reported increased focus and better decision-making skills

    • 52 percent are able to better manage work relationships

    • 46 percent reported increased innovation and creativity


How can it be implemented? 

With growing need to help employees find fulfilment and contentment, business leaders are striving to create a more wholistic organizational environment, without pushing any dogma or religion. Techniques that an organisation can practice to assist employees in aligning their professional life with personal values and convictions are Meditation and Yoga.

Meditation is known to improve the focus of practitioners by teaching them to be present at the moment. It is a widely practised stress management technique to reduce psychological distress and gain clarity in thoughts. By encouraging employees to meditate and practice yoga, an organization can help them to expand their self- awareness levels, get a deeper understanding of their role, appreciate their contribution and understand the impact they have on others at the workplace.

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