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Michael Ryan
Meditation, Movement, Breath & Wellness Mentor


Michael has been teaching yoga and meditation for many years. Gathering notice as Michael D. Higgins, the Irish President, named him as his personal teacher. He still offers movement & breath based workshops & retreats, but predominantly works with men and women, offering individually tailored mentoring focusing on the journey from our heads to our hearts. A journey that can bring us into a healthier relationship with the parts of ourselves we tend to run away from. This work offers the richest rewards as we heal our wounding and move forward to experience deeper meaning in our lives as the love and wisdom which resides in our hearts becomes a more accessible reality for us.
Michael is committed to the 'unlearning' that allows us to really unfold ourselves and meet what is hidden beneath all the 'stories' and judgments we carry about ourselves and others. 

"Michael will gently invite you to challenge yourself in a safe and encouraging way. Little by little he will remove physical and spiritual barriers blocking you to achieve better posture, breath better and simply enjoy life."


Pierre Fayolle

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