The Bowspring Immersion Series for Yoga Students and Teachers – November 10th – 12th

 Creating a deeper understanding of healthy Biodynamics

A deeply integrated system of alignment that facilitates balance of body and mind within stillness and movement. Bringing us into an experience of feeling  stronger, more open, grounded and lighter. 

There is a deep wisdom and order underpinning all Life. As humans we have a choice to align with or move away from this order. We all know that certain actions will hurt us and others will support us. We also know the choices that support freedom, the choices that support a sustainable and authentic sense of contentment or even access to deeper feelings of gratitude and compassion quite often requires effort; require shifting out of habitual, outmoded ways of being in the world, This is uncomfortable work. Hence the reason the majority of people in the world refuse to do the work that promotes true growth.

The practice, like nature, is primarily interested in balance. Recognising that Nature is always moving (growing), in the most effortless and direct way, toward balance. Balance in terms of the human being is the body, mind and heart integrating to support health, awareness and vibrancy. Allowing an awakening to a more graceful state of being. Which is simply a more realised state of awareness that carries with it greater sense of connection to ones self, but also to the great tapestry of Life.

With all of us we carry patterning in our physical, mental / emotional and pranic bodies that can keep us from realising this sense of balance, connection and spaciousness. An integrated approach that calls on and supports a growth in sensitivity, balance and awareness allowing us to recognise these patterns and through this growth in awareness begin to dissolve the resistance we have to living in greater attunement with Life. Which of course is a movement into realising our inherent potential and living more filled lives.

This Primal Movement technology is a template for aligning the body and mind in a way that optimises our capacity to realise a freer, lighter more dynamic state of being. It is a technique that supports the shedding of old, restricted ways of being that keep us locked in negative habitual patterning. The practice promotes balancing of the physical form through heart (attitude) and mind (alignment). The body as it moves into a more skilfully aligned form becomes a vehicle for deeper openings and release of structures (trauma, wounding, etc.) that may curtail living more conscience, content, fulfilled and freer lives.


Bowspring alignment & movement for yoga students and teachers that wish to evolve their understanding & practice 

November  10th, 11th, 12th


Friday 7pm – 9pm

Saturday 12 -2 &  3 – 5

Sunday 1 – 3.30


The Core Studio, Glasthule

One Weekend Investment € 145  


15% discount for students that have attended a Bowspring immersion before

contact me for details

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